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Constructive Ingenuity works on the MLK Jr. National Historical Site in Atlanta. 

Burn Boot Camp is a franchise, exercise facility that is new to the Atlanta area and specializes in CrossFit and HIIT exercise regimes. CrossFIt and HIIT are new fads to the health and fitness industry and are known for being both intense and effective. These exercise regimes are specific in their nature, and therefore, a facility that caters to these types of regimes must also be specific in how they cater to their clientele. That’s why Burn Boot Camp hired Constructive Ingenuity; they wanted a team that could effectively execute a specific, detail oriented plan in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Constructive Ingenuity was hired by Burn Boot Camp to renovate existing store fronts to facilitate their needs in locations like Sandy Springs, Roswell, and East Cobb. For these projects, Constructive Ingenuity acted as the general contractor. The biggest challenge of the project was the advanced floor system that Burn Boot Camp requires in all of their locations. The system is a type of cushioned floor that allows for individuals who are working out on the floor to experience a lower impact on their muscles and joints. The floor is one of Burn Boot Camp’s biggest selling points because of its effectiveness in preserving the joints of those who go to work out there. Construction Ingenuity realized the importance of getting the floor just right, so the team devised a plan and budget, and then preceded with the installation. Burn Boot Camp was extremely pleased with the work Constructive Ingenuity completed, and therefore, Constructive Ingenuity was hired to do the renovations on the rest of the locations. Ronnie, the project manager for the Burn Boot Camp project, said “The floor is like walking across an exercise platform. It’s very forgiving and puts a spring in your step. I can see why it attracts so many customers.”

Burn Boot Camp now has locations all over the country and serves hundreds of people every day. To find out more about their business, visit 

Constructive Ingenuity (CI) has secured several Federal contracts with the National Park Service since March of 2016 to work on the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta. The site is a multi-block historic district with about 3 city blocks of houses (about 70 homes) that were a part of Dr. King’s childhood neighborhood on Auburn Avenue. CI’s work included exterior repairs, painting, pressure washing, wood sealing, surface preparation, emergency heating and air repair on the historic homes on Auburn Avenue, exterior painting and repair on the visitor center, and carpet replacement in the primary office and maintenance building. CI was hired as the General Contractor and self-performed the surface preparation, carpentry, and painting. The Constructive Ingenuity team also completed 100% of the construction management, schedule and oversight, budget tracking, contract administrations, and quality control inspections.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is a federally protected historic monument, which means that each detail is extremely important because the purpose of the site is to preserve a piece of history. Constructive Ingenuity’s team, however, was not deterred by the immense attention to detail and embraced the unique opportunity to get to help build a site dedicated to such an important moment in history. Jason Tarbush, one of the project managers, said appearance of each paintbrush stroke on the side of each historic home was important. The team had to simultaneously preserve the similarities and unique aspects of each home, therefore, each house was painted by hand instead of utilizing conventional, modern techniques. While not the most efficient method of painting, CI’s team elected to utilize the period specific method of using paint brushes to paint each home.  

Although working on Dr. King’s historic site was a wonderful project for CI, no project comes without its obstacles. During the course of one project, the CI team discovered water entering the visitor’s center from the exterior. The National Park Service intended for CI to do simple repairs like painting and wood refurbishing and replacement. However, CI does not leave clients with an urgent condition, so CI repaired the water intrusion issue immediately. Ronnie Holtman, a CI project manager, said, “we would not look past something that needed attention.”

CI’s work on Auburn Avenue continues to help preserve the history of Dr. King’s life and the American Civil Rights Movement. The site is visited by over 150,000 visitors every year who wish to learn more and experience the history of the civil rights movement. To find out more about the site, visit 

Constructive Ingenuity finishes work on new Burn Boot Camp locations in Atlanta.